What is ICEVEGA?

.. are innovative packages for artisanal ice cream shops for the production of vegan ice cream.

Using ICEVEGA you can easily expand your offer with a product suitable for: vegans, people with lactose intolerance and allergy to milk proteins, athletes, people looking for good flavors. ICEVEGA based on vegetable protein isolates: hemp, pumpkin, lupine.

Advantages of ICEVEGA

.. clean label
.. pro-health properties
.. nutritional value – ice cream is a “source of protein” in accordance  with Regulation (EC) No. 1924/2006
.. easy to use: ready-made packages, without weighing out
.. production repeatability
.. do not require maturing
.. unusual creaminess, low fusibility

Our products do not contain lactose, soy, milk proteins, gluten .. and they are delicious!

ICEVEGA - We're breaking the ice

Unique ICEVEGA recipe
enables the production of delicious ice cream with an extremely creamy structure, low meltability and an appropriate degree of aeration. Thanks to many years of cooperation with the food sector, as well as scientific work, we have managed to create an innovative and unique product. We focus on quality, naturalness and the lowest possible degree of processing. We use the highest quality raw materials for the production of components. There are no chemical food additives in our mixtures: emulsifiers and stabilizers. The technological effect is achieved thanks to the appropriate selection of natural resources and a unique RECIPE - we break the ice in the literal sense and more. Our product proves that based solely on plant raw materials, it is possible to obtain a product with organoleptic and technological parameters very similar to products based on traditional recipes, at the same time it can be nutritionally valuable.

Components for the production of vegetable ice cream based on plant protein isolates.

PAKIET 4: Cytrynka na łubinie

We are well aware that in terms of technology, plant raw materials are much more demanding. Systematic control, diligence and mindfulness are essential – this is our task. We offer you a proven, standardized product in a unique package form. The package includes:

  • a mix of plant protein isolates (hemp, pumpkin, lupine) and sweeteners
  • the right amount of vegetable oil
  • flavor additives (selected packages)

We want to simplify the mixing stage as much as possible and avoid dosing errors. Therefore, the basis weight of individual components is selected so that no weighing process is required when preparing ice cream.

All the ingredients in the packet need to be mixed with the specified amount of water to form a protein-fat emulsion. ICEVEGA components are intended for the artisanal production of “hard” vegetable creamy ice cream (hardened, deep-frozen ice cream at -18 to -30 ° C) on a typical technological line.







What's inside?

PAKIET 2: Czekolada na konopi

Plant protein isolates

depending on the taste: hemp, pumpkin, lupine


vegetable oil

coconut oil



For selected flavors, we provide a flavor addition – e.g. chocolate flavors, when it comes to fruit flavors, we focus on the addition of fresh or frozen fruit, so we do not include them in the package.