About us

Passion, a healthy vegetarian diet, sport, enthusiasm and willingness to act - these are the features that joined our efforts and efforts. Thanks to them ICEVEGA was created!

Ewa Trzetrzelewska-Lalik



Ewa became involved in the confectionery – in this field she defended her doctorate. In addition to his scientific successes, he is an active athlete – ultramarathon runner taking part in the most difficult sports challenges.

Aneta Radłowska-Działo



Aneta dealt mainly with nutritional education and dietetics. Healthy nutrition and a plant-based diet are her everyday life.

The PowerIce company is the crowning achievement of our long-term friendship. We studied food technology and human nutrition at the Agricultural University in Krakow for one year. After graduation, we cooperated for many years in the implementation of quality systems, designing new food products and training projects. Together, we decided to materialize the idea, frame it and turn it into a real, tasty product.

Since 2019, we have been successfully and passionately developing and launching vegan products, rich in healthy plant proteins, suitable for athletes, as well as people with allergies to milk and egg proteins and lactose intolerance.

We invited Magda – an outstanding gourmet and expert in high-quality food, and Jarek – an expert in business matters.